About Us

Laundimer House is situated in 63 acres of arable farmland adjacent to Laundimer Wood. The land used to be 4 separate fields, which my father Terry Baker farmed alongside my grandfather Herbert.

In the early 1980s my father learnt how to fly light aircraft and set some of the field down as a grass runway and 'Bakersfield airstrip' was created. If you're lucky on a sunny day, you may glimpse a small plane taking off or landing.


My father Terry ploughing the land at Bears Lane giving his little brother Barry a tractor ride. 

By the late 1980s my parents Pauline and Terry Baker developed the field further, building a 2nd barn and Laundimer House itself, which was completed in 1996. The bed and breakfast part of the house was built in 1997 due to the need to diversify the farm business, when the agricultural economy experienced a significant downturn.


The bed and breakfast was the pride and joy of my mother Pauline and her amazing breakfasts were so delicious that guests would book a year in advance to secure their place.

Today the farm is operated by my brother Laurie and I returned to work with my father in 2014, reopening the bed and breakfast and bringing it up to date to meet modern tastes and standards. My business aims are:

- To gradually refurbish each room to a 5* standard

- Restore the garden to its former glory

- Make the house more 'green' and eco- friendly

- Encourage more wildlife

- Ensure guests receive great service and have an enjoyable stay. 


Importantly, the delicious big breakfast has remained unchanged!

We hope that you have a fantastic stay at Laundimer House.