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4 year Anniversary!

What a happy end to a very busy summer season and the celebration of a successful 4 years since returning to the family farm and reopening the B&B in partnership with my lovely dad and my gorgeous daughter.

This summer has been the best yet with regular guests Rob & Lynda returning for the #rutlandbirdfair , Gill and Jan for #greenbelt at Boughton House and some truly delightful guests for the Landrover Burghley Horse Trials. To top it off I had the 'return of the French', Audrey, Ivan and Thomas who dropped in with 4 other friends for a cuppa and catch up...unfortunately my French is still poor. Ah sacre bleu! But they had a fantastic time at Audis in the Park at #Deenepark

The end of summer and the cooler nights drawing in it has just started to feel autumnal. As soon as the swallows migrate that will be the end of the summer. Our attention at the farmhouse turns to jobs that must be finished. We now have approximately 4 weeks to complete the refurbishment of my old stable (it had rotted from the base so a brand new oak perimeter beam had to be installed). New doors, cladding and general battening down of the hatches ready for the winter. The garden must be tidied and final mowing of the lawn.

Soon I shall be tucked up inside (enjoying Bake off and Autumn Watch) and parts of the B&B business will also require some TLC. All showers and baths must be resealed, fresh paint to stairway and a lovely new carpet for the stairs to compliment the new oak skirting and architrave. The business will be 5* one day but for now I must be content with a jolly lovely summer and a happy family.

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