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Great Gardening Sunday

A stunning Sunday for getting green fingered. My daughter Ariana and I went to see how our large strawberry patch was getting on (I typically forget to check and by the time that I do the slugs have had a feast or the rot has set in). The plot was a bit dense this year but there doesn't seem to be any ill effects. There were a few nibbled by slugs and I have been baking egg shells for a couple of weeks in the bottom of the oven to harden them and will smash them up and sprinkle around strawberries. Apparently slugs don't like sliming over the sharp edges. #strawberries #homegrown

(I'm also very new to hashtags...apparently these are used to group particular topics, help people follow and can be very funny too)

The strawberry plants are throwing out a lot of runners and after harvest I will be looking forward to potting them up and meeting my fellow 'Midlands Smallholders' for a plant swapping session.

I popped out to 'The Barn' garden centre at Oundle and treated myself to a #DavidAustin climbing yellow rose called 'The Pilgrim'. I have to treat myself to a new rose each year. Plus not forgetting the obligatory ice cream where ever we go.

We have a lot of space to cover out of the front of the house and need to fix up our leaking pond. To try and make money stretch further with plants I am attempting to grow new ones from early summer cuttings. The advice is to take a straight cutting from the fresh growth of existing shrubs 10-15cm long, stripping off the bottom leaves just leaving 2/3 at the top of the cutting. Dip the end in root hormone powder or gel and place down the side of a pot of moist compost, approx 4 per pot. Bag the pot to act as a mini greenhouse and keep in moisture. I cut small slits at the top of the bags to let out some of the moisture and to help fresh air circulate. Hopefully in 3 weeks new roots will have grown and I will have several new plants at low cost to cover 70m of driveway.

My last job of the day is to plant the rest of the hawthorn bushes to fill gaps in an existing hedge line.

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