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Just taking the kids for a walk

For the last couple of months we have seen the return of several pair of Canada geese, two pairs of Swallows and an incredible 10 pairs of Greylag geese! In the past the Greylags have been my least favourite goose type but I have really warmed to them this year. I love to see the males guard their females in a very proud and protective way and often they will settle down under the trees in the afternoon for a siesta, tightly tucking their bill away under their wing. For several years it has been the non- native Canada geese that have successfully bred two of three chicks but this year has been dominated by the native Greylags and I'm thrilled to announce the safe arrival of 6 goslings to a super proud Mr & Mrs Goose. They were spotted taking their 6 children for a walk.

Other wildlife spotted:

- Song Thrushes (particularly thrilled about this one) and a fledging Thrush seen. - Greater spotted and Green Woodpecker.

- Hares - lots of them just racing up and down and round and round the field.

- Resident Barn Owls are still here and on the last inspection were sitting on 3 eggs with one Owlet.

- Resident Kestrels last seen sitting on 4 eggs.

- Several Red Kites lazily floating above the house keeping an eye out for an easy meal

The smaller birds such as the Blue Tits, Sparrows, Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds are doing well and we continue to create more habitat, cover and food to encourage and support.

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