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First Laundimer House Blog

Welcome to Laundimer House B&B blog. Instead of being a technophobe and shunning all social media I have decided to embrace it. I have uploaded more FB and Instagram posts, trying to get the hang of snapchat and have now ventured into Blog territory (although I have deleted my Twitter account...this might be one I return to later).

I always felt like social media was a 'bragging' tool which is really something I shy away from but as a lady in business it has been pointed out that I really should be sharing my corner of the world with more people. Instead of cringe worthy bragging I hope to aim for interesting, beautiful, funny and exciting moments at the house. Plus introducing you to the characters in our household...my daughter Ariana AKA Peach/Baby girl/Narna, my dad Terry, Charlie parrot, two elderly deaf cavaliers Rosie & Jasmine and 8 hybrid hens, as well as a plethora of wonderful wildlife.

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