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Summer 2023

Like many in hospitality this year 2023 was a bit of a slow start, which was impacted by the cost of living crisis & cold weather. Now it's July it feels a bit more positive & plenty of business & leisure guests have enjoyed a relaxing stay.

In the same month we reopened the 'Honey Bees' room after an extended period of closure due to full refurbishment. It's such a big airy room now and the bathroom layout is so much better with the added bonus of a new bathroom velux.

'Hotel Ambassador' 5000 pocket sprung luxury super king mattress

The room now needs some decorative tweaks such as honey bee inspired wallpaper & a plush velvet sofa. I think I will finallly be happy with it.

Each year we strive to improve the facilities & comfort for guests both inside & out. The back patio was becoming unsafe and uneven distorted by age & tree roots. The patio was re-laid & the oak pergola beams renewed so the wisteria has something to scramble along.

We're hoping that all our summer guests over August & September really like the changes & improvements & give us some jolly good feedback!

Fingers crossed the weather, at the very least, stays dry!

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